Lannock Insurance Premium Funding

Lannock’s Insurance Premium Funding is an unsecured loan to a body corporate or owners corporation for up to a 12 month period at a fixed interest rate to cover a building’s annual insurance cost.

Funding your insurance premium with Lannock puts you in control.


Access to immediate funds in the event of unexpected increases to your insurance premium

It’s easy to implement. No general meeting is required. Documents can be signed by the strata manager or the Treasurer and Secretary of the Strata Committee

Lannock will NEVER cancel your policy if you are late in making a payment

Complete freedom to choose the insurer and policy you want

Smooth out cash flows with flexible monthly repayments


How Insurance Premium Funding works

Contact Lannock for an Insurance Premium Funding Loan Proposal to fund your building’s insurance.

Ready to proceed? Lannock will provide documents to be signed by the strata manager or the Treasurer and Secretary of the Strata Committee.

The body corporate draws down funds from Lannock to pay their building’s insurance policy.

Don’t compromise your coverage with a missed payment. Lannock will NEVER cancel your policy due to a late repayment.

Lannock provides funds directly to the body corporate – we do not lend to the individual owners. Our funding is completely unsecured – there are no mortgages, banker’s liens, charges or caveats. Because we provide funds to the body corporate directly, we do not investigate the financial position of individual owners of units. We do not require owners, committee members or the strata manager to give personal guarantees. The strata manager is not required to certify documents.
Lannock will provide funds for strata improvement projects up to 20% (depending on the size of the strata scheme) of the aggregate market value of the lots in your strata company. Subject to this percentage, there is no specified minimum or maximum amount we will fund.
Lannock will consider variations to this standard criterion in special cases such as where the building is being redeveloped or where additional value is being created.
Advances can be drawn at any time during the Availability Period (which is usually 1 year from the date of the Facility Agreement).
The Insurance Premium invoice needs to be provided in support of the Advance. Lannock will remit the funds directly into the body corporate’s account to enable the premium to be paid, or re-imbursement for a payment already made.
You can choose a term of up to 12 months for the loan.