Urgent Action by Strata Owners Required for Cladding Risk

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Government failure to deal with problems associated with non-complying aluminium cladding has created a massive trust deficit with strata owners left to pick up the tab for a problem of others’ creation. The failures have occurred at all three tiers of government from policing of the building code to the approval and certification processes. The recent Strata Fire Safety Forum revealed the worrying statistic that eight out of 10 buildings with aluminium cladding have non-compliant cladding. Armed with that information, … Read More

Strata Fire Safety & Compliance  – Australia Takes Notice

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Am I at risk? If so, what does this mean for my safety and financial security? These are just some of the questions that Australians are asking in the wake of a number of serious building fires caused by the use of non-compliant cladding. To help assist with the current lack of public information available, Lannock together with Bannermans Lawyers held a Strata Fire Safety Forum on August 31st to facilitate discussion between a number of key industry experts. With major … Read More

Strata Fire Safety Forum

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Be fire safe. Be informed.

Were you unable to make the Strata Fire Safety Forum presented by Lannock Strata Finance? You can watch the full forum below: The forum covers what you need to know about non-complying building products and defects, fire risk, your safety, your rights and who pays. Host and panellists include: Paul Morton CEO, Lannock Strata Finance David Bannerman Principal, Bannermans Lawyers Malcolm Gunning President, Real Estate Institute Australia Paul Keating Co-Founder & Managing Director, Strata Community Insurance Chris Duggan President, Strata … Read More

Response to Senate Inquiry Into Non-Compliant Building Products

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The convenor of last week’s Strata Fire Safety Forum, Paul Morton, CEO of Lannock Strata Finance, said the long-delayed Senate report into non-confirming building products demonstrated why strata owners could not sit back and wait for leadership from government. “It has taken 806 days and countless sittings and hearings for this committee to table a report that expresses concern at the ‘long time lag between government responses to the Lacrosse fire in 2014’,” said Mr Morton. It took only minutes … Read More

Lannock calls on government to reconsider delayed defects bond

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PRESS RELEASE: Friday 9th June 2017 A leading strata finance group today urged the NSW Government to consider alternatives to the 2 per cent strata defect bond, following news that it had deferred its July 1 introduction for the second time. Lannock Strata Finance CEO Paul Morton, whose company is one of only a handful that provides funding to owners’ corporations and bodies corporate, says the bond will be a costly, ineffective and inefficient way to deal with the rising … Read More

Time for common sense in the war between Airbnb and strata owners

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The Airbnb verses apartment owners’ debate is only going to get more intense.  On one hand we have an aggressive, revenue-dominated multinational with a large advertising budget and a strong intent to lobby government. Their opponents, many of them dwellers in strata properties, are highly fragmented and have few resources, but there’s a core of dedicated, battle-hardened strata advocates who are adept at trench warfare and have good relations with government. They won’t be a pushover. We’re still only seeing … Read More

The Simple Guide to Strata Finance

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There are three options for raising funds in strata, or a mix of all three: Regular levies One-off or special levies Borrowing What is the Best Funding Mix? The best mix will vary according to each owner’s position and the nature of the property. For some, this could be a regular series of small levies, for others a large special levy and for others a strata loan. For most, it will mean a mix of all three. Situations change and … Read More